The ritual of baking sweet bread

With raisins or nuts, Turkish delight or chocolate, the ritual of sweet bread baking is one of the most enjoyable moments in celebration. The Romanian tradition says that if you have a sweet bread on the table it means you are celebrating. The sweet bread has a recipe with a long history. In its simplest form, it is a dessert of sweetened flour with sugar or honey mixed with eggs, milk and fats. And because many sweets can fit into this description, no wonder the "border" between cakes and bread, biscuits and cake is vague. The origin of all is bread. The Romanians created the first forms of sweet bread with raisins and nuts. We invite you to take part in the preparation of our roasted cousins ​​and crooked chubs for ancient and secret recipes from our mother-in-daughter and enjoy the feeling of celebration that this special dessert brings.

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