Activities in the Land of Beeches

Excursii pe bicicletă

Ride on the footpaths of Bucovina to isolated areas and get rid of the crowds of cities. We invite you to discover the true joys of life, the motion being the best remedy against inner anxiety.

Hiking in Bukovina

Loaded only with good mood, we can venture on hikes that provide pleasant experiences for any traveler. If you want to explore isolated areas and get rid of the crowded cities, we invite you to this hike in the heart of Bukovina. Walking in nature can help you discover the true joys of life, being the best remedy against inner anxiety.

Which activity suits you?


Bucovina, an area in which the local cuisine preserves the culinary influences of all the people who have passed by on these lands. Each cuisine completes the bouquet of flavors of the area, a bouquet tendered to any visitor who allows himself time to taste them. Discover with us the aromas of Bukovina!

People and culture

The thematic excursions offered by us take you through special landscapes, presenting the wonderful treasures of the "Land of Beeches". Whether it's roads leading to fortresses, fortified monasteries, or craft workshops, they all invite you to discover their secrets and know their past.

What does your soul love the most?

Împreună cu familia

We conceived this guest house around the concept of family, a paradise of joy for the little ones and an oasis of tranquility and pampering for the big ones. While the little ones enjoy every moment of fun at the playground, the big ones can switch off by rediscovering the charm of the holidays in the country.

Silence and relaxing

Staying with us is equally a holiday for body and soul.