Discover the secrets of Suceava, accompanied by a local photographer

I am passionate about history and would like to offer alternative travels, unlike the classic ones, trying to highlight the authentic spirit and the original evolution of the communities that have lived here for centuries. My philosophy is based on showing the most authentic experience that can be offered without changing the true spirit of Bukovina and avoiding the cliché mostly used by advertising slogans. We believe that Bukovina is an experience that can not easily be reproduced by the stereotypical patterns of tourism and that is precisely why the theme of our travels is based on 3 major poles: spirituality, environment and culture. Every time I try my best to show how these three dimensions interact and cooperate in the life of the people of Bukovina. If you do not have your own camera or simply because you do not want to take care of it during your vacation, I will always have my camera with me. After walking or hiking, I can send you photos that will widen your travel album or family album.

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