Rarăul - legend mountain

Rarau is one of the goals that should not be missed in any way, since it can be easily explored thanks to the new Transrarau Road. Enjoy walks along the paths of the Pietrele Doamnei Reserve and discover new insights into the scenic landscapes that are revealing to you. It is good to know that besides the beauty of the place, this mountain also has a legend that says that here is well hidden, a part of the estate of the ruler Petru Rares. Beyond legends, the 933 hectares of the Pietrele Doamnei nature reserve are an important witness of the geological past of the region. The first geological research was undertaken by Austrian geologists, who discovered that the area is made of limestone with coral, ammonite, seaweed and other elements that formed reefs more than 140 million years ago.Also in this reservation is the Bats Cave, the largest cave of gravity traction in the country. During the winter, here is the largest bat-colony in the eastern part of Romania.

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