The famous painted monasteries of Bukovina

When you say Bukovina, the thought flies to Suceava's Citadel, to the special pie, the legendary mountains, and the villages forgotten by time. Beyond all, the picture of the painted monasteries holds a special place. The unique interior and exterior frescoes of inestimable artistic value led to the registration of the painted monasteries of Bukovina on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The exterior painting of the walls of Orthodox churches is an exception and not a rule. The painted churches in Bucovina are eight: Probota, Patrauti, Arbore, Humor, Sucevita, Moldovita, Voronet and Sfantu Gheorghe in Suceava. This unique initiative in the history of Romanian Christianity, to bring the sacred to light, to bring faith to believers, has been a precious legacy for centuries. This trip proposes a foray into an enigmatic world where faith has not only intensity, but also shape and color.

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