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Wandering around on the Road of the Italians

The road that connects Mălini to Borca through the Stanişoara Pass was built between 1902 and 1914 at the request of King Carol I. By building this road he wanted to obtain a strategic link between Valea Moldovei and the Valea Bistriţa. All road works were built manually, using mountain stone from the Râşca and Podul Baciu pits. In order to recall the contribution of the Italian workers, the road has become popular by the "Road of the Italians." The mountain part of the road witnessed the heaviest battles after the coup d'etat from August 23, 1944. In memory of the soldiers of Regiments 3 and 6 of the Border Guard and of the 11th Company led by Captain Vasile Teodoreanu at the eastern foot of the mountain was raised a stone cross.

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